Types of Braces

Treating Orthodontic Misalignments With State-Of-The-Art Technology

Correcting orthodontic misalignments (malocclusions) can be most effectively achieved with the help of braces and other types of aligners. Today patients have many more treatment options, including Invisalign in Mechanicsville, VA with Dr. Pamela Regimbal. Aloha Orthodontics offers three different varieties of braces to help people achieve their treatment goals. These personalized solutions allow patients more control over the correction of malocclusions.

Our Orthodontic Treatment Options

Our office offers the latest and greatest in braces technology, including some that are not available everywhere. These are the types of braces we offer:

• Metal braces: This is the most common type of braces and what most people imagine when they think about this aligner option. Composed of thin, lightweight metal wires and brackets, metal braces are highly effective at solving a wide range of alignment concerns. They are great for patients of all ages.
Ceramic braces: Similar in construction to traditional metal braces, ceramic braces make use of translucent material for the brackets. The brackets are therefore much less noticeable and blend in with the color of the patient’s teeth. These braces tend to be more fragile and so are best suited for adult patients.
3M Unitek SmartClip™: This specialized aligner is equipped with a self-ligating system that tightens gradually as teeth shift into their optimal position. Archwires can be easily placed into the Unitek SmartClip™, which reduces friction and offers the patient a more comfortable treatment experience. The colorless, light-sensitive adhesive components make this an aligner option with a much lower visual profile; this is an ideal solution for people who prefer to be discrete about their orthodontic care.

Which Is Right For Me?

Dr. Regimbal will identify the alignment concerns affecting a patient before any alignment system is recommended. One or multiple options may be available depending on the nature of the patient’s needs. Our team will work to ensure your receive the most comfortable, safe, and effective treatment possible. 

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